OptiZ is a pioneer OEM/ODM global manufacturer

We specialize for Indoor/Outdoor/Creative LED display technology.
Our R&D department are based in Hong Kong by the experienced engineers from HK, China and UK.
The production lines are located in mainland, China.

Indoor Fine Pixel LED Display

Outdoor LED Display

Creative LED Display

Multi Window/Multi Screen Processor

Structural Design and Build by RSE

Design and build the stage mechanical motion

Custom System for various application

Innovative LED Display technology

Our products are marketed world-wide with a few qualities in mind, by Quality, Environmental Friendly, Reliable. Suitable for many applications such as Sports, Education, Commercial, Entertainment, Government, House of worship and TV Studios.

OptiZ was founded with a single key objective, to innovate the LED Display technology of the future in order to
advance the capabilities of large image display. Since our company first took up this challenge, we have worked
closely with our customers to assure our products create the most stunning imagery possible within every